I Am The 3.14159 Percent

Occu Pi Wall St: I Am The 3.14159 Percent

Occu Pi Wall St: I Am The 3.14159 Percent

  • I’m the 3.14159 percent. 
  • I’m better educated than you are, and I’m a damn sight better looking.  I probably make more money than you do. 
  • But you know what?  I probably OWE more money than you do, too.  I’ve got debts no honest man can pay. 
  • Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it.  That’s also true of math.
  • Sure, you say you’re part of the 99%, unique and original, just like everybody else.  But you’re not really like 99% of Americans.  You know why?  Because you’re out protesting.  You got up.  You’re not in front of the TV.  You’re not sitting on the Great American Couch, watching it all on the news.  You’re certainly not like 99% of the country.
  • But you’re standing in front of buildings.  You’re blocking traffic, you’re picketing passersby and picking on museum guards.  You’re making news, but you’re not making change. 
  • Change starts with education.  Get one.  Got one?  Get more. 
  • The more you know, the more powerful you’ll become – individually and as a group. 
  • Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it; those who do not understand math and global economics are doomed to protest in vain, blamestorming to punish the past instead of brainstorming to fix the future.
  • Can’t afford a degree?  Get an education.  The Internet is your school.  Don’t have access to the Internet?  Go to the library.  Don’t have a library?  Vote.  Don’t have a candidate?  Run.  You’ve already proved you’ve got more energy to change the world than 99 percent of the country – be part of the 3.14159 Percent.  Be smart about it.  Go get ’em.
  • Tell them the Big Ugly Man Doll sent you.


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  1. this is uber awesomeness. I want to make it my profile picture and share it far and wide… but the quality of this photo sucks. Please retake it and, whatever you do, don’t crop the big ugly man doll out of it!

  2. Nancy, updated pic for your viewing pleasure!

  3. lol – you’re my bitch

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  5. I’ve never seen as much brainstorming and planning about how to change things as I hear in an average day at an occupation site. I see people educating each other all the time, and working together in a direction. We are moving, we aren’t sure where yet, but we are moving and we will be doing. (Hey dude, we’ve only been at this a month, We will grow and change and drag the world with us.) Come down, find out, pitch in.

  6. Diane, I’m glad to hear it! As Dirk Gently could have said, we may not get to our original destination, but we may well wind up where we need to be.

  7. Love it! Just wish they were as smart as you and would realize they are indirectly spending the tax payers’ hard paid dollars for their protesting. You have the gift of writing about daily events in our lives that makes sense interdispersed with wit, humor, and lyrics that I love. You blew up the chicken man in Philly last night with this post!

  8. @Lauren – Glad you liked it, and I’m sitting here quietly pumping my fist in the air for you having gotten the Boss reference!!! Yay! And really, many of them are smarter than me, and certainly more motivated – I just think change comes from within, and sometimes that means getting inside the system you want to change. Standing outside won’t help, no matter how we yell.

  9. This is fantastic.

  10. @Ru – Glad you liked it!

  11. But can you go to the 100th decimal place without looking it up for your Pi? ;)

    Something about this time of year in Blighty, and Guy Fawkes comes to my mind…

    No Gunpowder if you don’t mind, the smell can be quite atrocious, and the treason was hatched quite a few years prior. For the plot, Sherman set the way-back machine to 1994 in the CFTC where Brooksley Born played the role of Mssr Fawkes.

    We now return you to your regularly schedualed programming…

  12. @Anonymous Custard: 3.14159 is as far as I go. Not a penny more.

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  14. I am the .0001%

    I realize that All the monetary problems we face today Can change overnight

    I can see that it doesn’t matter what creed, race, sex, age, whatever you may come from the root that’s at the bottom of ALL of your MONETARY problems is the way the money is made Itself

    I can feel and see very obviously the animosity you have towards each other, may it be from the Rich to the poor, the poor to the rich, black against whites, whites against blacks, Mexicans against whites, whites against Mexicans, Mexicans against black, blah blah diddly blah Do you remember “United WE stand, divided WE fall.”?

    “Im Responsible for MY debts” Really? YOUR Responsible for some guys/gals decision to continue to print off mass PIECES OF PAPER (Money) Then loaning it to your Government WITH INTEREST (aka Debt… for you so called-self-proclaimed educated people, you should easily know that one, since my “dumbass” does)
    If your really claiming responsibility for this then you will drop what your doing and DEMAND that the “Federal” Reserve be disbanded and the despicable monopoly of this Fiat currency that has been laid down upon us as “The only way” or else the world would be the “Wild Wild West” Ha that has actually hurt us in almost EVERY WAY
    And THAT No One can dispute…

    I have been up, down, left, and right, I realize that what we are doing now obviously isn’t working or we WOULD NOT BE HERE IN THIS SITUATION….No One can Dispute that either

    When will everyone stop blaming each other like we did in f**in preschool and grow up and realized that WE HAVE BEEN LIED to (OHHHH NOOOO?!?!?!)

    We look back in the histories and see all the grand injustices that have occurred and reoccurred, and couldn’t fathom how or why they were allowed to grow and continue until they ultimately destroyed the people that allowed it to happen (uhuuuumm US right now)
    Yet were so selfish to think that even for a moment that since we are here in the now, the present tense, that HAHA Somehow we are exempt from these same old evils and ideals of the corrupt and the schemes that they have planned out and are executing almost flawlessly….Why? because weve lost sight of our True Reality and what is really going on, I don’t know really how that works when we see everyday problems THAT SHOULDN’T EVEN BE CLOSE TO EXISTING with the history we have been so graciously provided with to learn from others mistakes.

    We can do so much more together than we could ever do apart…so
    Like the “adults” we are Why don’t we just sit back and actually think to the bottom of all these problems then think of the most reasonable, the most beneficial way of CHANGING things for the Better not just “Change”

    Politics are more pointless than having a plane with no wings
    They do nothing but keep us on the ground thinking about shit that in true reality doesn’t matter

    I am the .0001% who wont blame anyone for anything except allowing themselves to be fooled into thinking that our fellow peers are the reason that were in the situation we’re in now ,,what happended to those “leaders” everyones voting for? Its never their fault ohh noo, the people that gloat and demand your subservience to them no matter what is Actually Right, ohh nooo not them they couldn’t possibly be lying to us either…nope


    Its time to take back OUR lives

  15. @ TheOpenMindedJailbird – Thanks for your comment, and your passion. Keep it up!

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