So, I guess I’m bi. Who knew? Mind you, this ties in with my theory that pretty much everyone is about 3 drinks from bi…

The Toys are Back

Putting the younger two to bed last night, there was a discussion of toys lost and then found. The RQoP began singing “The Toys are Back” to the tune of High School Musical 3’s “The Boys are Back”. Number One Son looked at her and said “Yeah, that’s just like…” and then proceed to sing […]

Build a WHAT???

Everyone should have to attend a Build-a-Bear party at least once, if only to remind those without children why they don’t want them. Hard core cases might consider working there.

“Snow no, Mr. Bill!”

The kids have wonderfully different reactions to massive amounts of snowfall. The oldest daughter (the Human Tape Recorder) tends to view school closings with the same outlook Hermione Granger had in the Harry Potter series – “Oh no! Well, at least I’ll have more time to study.” Needless to say, SOBUMD and I give each […]

Twitter Tweens

If you don’t have kids but you’re thinking about it, and you’d like to see what it’s like, the Internet now makes it possible to simulate the, um, experience. Just living with anyone, never mind the ADD types, under the age of 14, is to live in the bottom of a permanent, live-feed twitter well.