Not Bad – For a Monday

Well I’m not bad for a Monday
I could’ve lived without Sunday
I need a weekend with One More Day
But even if I had it I know I’d say
That I’m not bad … for a Monday.

On First Looking into Jackson’s Hobbit

If John Keats reviewed The Hobbit…

Supreme Courts, Healthcare Laws, and Poetry?

In honor of the Supreme Court’s favorable ruling today on what we’ve come to call ObamaCare, I’m dusting off my “poem about insurance.”

Reading to the Lost Boys

On with the silk-lined yellow corduroy smoking jacket and on with the red-and-yellow checked jester hat and off, with my battered old copy of Yertle the Turtle and the Reigning Queen of Pink, to school we went.

The RFP Before Christmas

T’was the night before Christmas, and through every house / You could hear the keyboards and the clicks of the mouse…