The Making of the True Reuben

It has been explained to me several times in recent days that I have neglected you, gentle reader, and that I should be ashamed – but more than ashamed, I should be writing. In an effort to make amends AND stay current, I will tell you about the Reuben sandwich I had last night – a […]

Thankful on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and all of yours!

How to make your father tear up

Ten isn’t really too young to be horrified at the universal finality of life, is it?

New Coffee Machine

SOBUMD got a new Koirig the other day…

Return to Rocket City!

There’s nothing really wrong with my hotel room, except the burn holes in the sheets and the clothes-iron scorch marks on the floors and the way the AC/heater is competing with the headboard to see which can pull away from the wall fastest and the odor that you just can’t quite place and the stains of dubious provenance in the bathroom and the lack of insulation under the door and the drawer handles that pull away in your hand and the three mismatched chairs that have forgotten the meaning of comfort and of which exactly none fit under either the desk or the table. Also, there’s a phone in the bathroom, over the shitter, presumably in case you drop The Big One and want to call the Guinness Book of World Records people. Why that bothers me more than the rest, I couldn’t tell you.