Who buys the first round?

A Fascist, a Socialist, and a Blonde walk into a bar. Who buys the first round?

Strong Coffee = Strong Passwords?

What would you choose as a password phrase that you will remember, and cheerfully type into some widget several times a day? How about the epitaph that you’ve already had engraved on the headstone you’ve already had commissioned for the cemetery plot you bought yourself last year? I guess that’s probably not something you’re going to just up and forget next week, is it?

CPAP… See Pap run. Run, Pap, run.

It has long been a goal of the Big Ugly Man Doll to experience everything life has to offer. All of it, the good, the bad, the squishy. It’s hard to claim that one is sensational if one hasn’t experienced as many sensations as possible.    To that end, some time shortly before we went to Chicago, […]

Counting Sheep

  When you’re as big and as ugly as I am, it comes as a surprise to some people that I actually sleep in a bed. (Of course, I only sleep for 2 hours and 17 minutes every 26.5 hours, but still.)   Anyway, if you’re like me – and I am not for one minute suggesting […]