1 January 2018 – Not Dead Yet

“My wish is that all of my friends and people I know don’t die horribly.  I mean, I know people are going to die, that’s just life.  I just wish that they don’t die horribly.”

The Perils of Panopticonalism, and Why I Don’t Have It

It should be noted that at 13 years old, the Reigning Queen of Pink does not so much question her sexuality as interrogate it. I wouldn’t put her past waterboarding.

She Knows Where Her Towel Is!

Today, I couldn’t be more proud.  Mind you, I couldn’t be more late in updating this blog, but that’s a different issue.  Right now, I couldn’t be more proud of the Reigning Queen of Pink, Grand Duchess of Fluff, Lord High Protector of Barbies, and Baroness of the Hummingbirds. RQOP:  “Can we watch Hitchhiker’s Guide to […]


So, I guess I’m bi. Who knew? Mind you, this ties in with my theory that pretty much everyone is about 3 drinks from bi…

Signs of Growing Up

“Where’s the Off button?”