This does not usually happen to me.  I do not, as a rule, become conflicted about things – do something, don’t do something, make up my mind and get on with my life.  I try, most of the time, to be a person of action – I don’t tend to over analyze or overthink things. […]

15 Things NOT to tell your kids…

Are you seriously excusing your mistakes by blaming them on “I love you so much?” I assure you that your teenager will read this as “I make mistakes and they are your fault,” which is actually what you’re trying to say. It’s not your fault, is it? It never was your fault.

Good ole Jules

Jules Verne predicted the future, from submersible ships to space flight, including the concept of mutually assured destruction as a deterrent to war, high-speed trains, calculators, a worldwide “telegraphic” communications network that sounds suspiciously like the Internet, and the idea that governments would execute criminals by electric charge. That was a hell of a leap in 1863.

Lascivious Legos?

What about a lascivious mouth? What’s that?

Chattin’ wit his peeps…

I’m still waiting for the flying cars and moving roads.