Happy New Year’s Eve

Here we are, getting ready to wake up from 2011 like the bad dream it was.  Well, maybe it wasn’t that bad.  We had some fun, didn’t we?  We saw the troops finally draw down in Iraq, and we had a nice time occupying Wall St for a change.  The world failed to end in May, despite my Countdown to the Rapture, and failed again in October.  We counted up to some Thinksgiving things to think about being thankful for, and counted down the advent season to the worst holiday song in the world.  I finally got to Rocket City, and we continued our love affair with the American Road.  We’re looking forward to reprising those trips again next year.  And we wrapped up the ManFAQ, after 82 questions and a whole lotta bullshit more than 22,000 words of wisdom. 

We’ve got a presidential election coming up in 2012; hold on to your hats.  There will be changes here on the Big Ugly Man Doll, and we will mark the changes in our world, for good or for ill. 

May we all see more good changes than bad, and everyone have a safe and happy 2012!  See you next year!

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