Not Bad – For a Monday

Well I’m not bad for a Monday
I could’ve lived without Sunday
I need a weekend with One More Day
But even if I had it I know I’d say
That I’m not bad … for a Monday.

Enjoying Random Music, or, Why I’m a Moron

So there I was, driving in to the office again, and still listening to the CD I’d started nearly two weeks ago. I should mention it’s a new car, which I bought completely by accident a month or two ago (long story), and one of the perks (which I found only after the car followed […]

Great Answer

She hasn’t mastered her guitar yet, but the HTR’s no foreigner to great music!

God Bless You, Mr. Zevon

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is immense, and richly detailed. In addition to the underwear that Elvis stained on his third tour of some hotel outside Memphis on a Tuesday in July, they have the actual shirt that Joey Ramone was wearing when he took some drugs.

A Study in August, Part Two

We needed no further proof that we were well away from the Washington DC craziness than driving past a sign for a business called “Hell Yeah Watersports.” Within a 100 mile radius of the DC area, that same company would have incorporated under the name “Safe-n-Legal Watersports.”