Where the hell has the BUMD been this time?

OK, so there were no flings with time, losing track of or otherwise. You really want to know? Well, I’ll tell ya.  I was on the campaign trail with Sarah Palin. Oh, sure, the Republican handlers will issue a statement denying it, but that just proves my point, or rather it will, in the event […]

Time Suck of the Week

This week’s time suck came to me just recently, as most of them do. If you are anything like me – and I am not for one minute suggesting that you are, although you do keep reading this – you probably have a thing for maps. Who doesn’t? A map gives us a sense of […]

Time Suck of the Week

Once again it is time for the TSoW.  This week’s Time Suck is for all of us readers, in case you’re wondering what to read next – you know, once you’re done with the never-ending exploits of the Big Ugly Man Doll.  The wonderful people at http://www.literature-map.com/ have gifted us with a handy, if erratic, piece […]


This week’s Time Suck will only suck a minute or two of your time. It’s worth it. Imagine being a bookseller with almost all the books in the world.   Imagine being a bookseller with almost all the books in the world.  This is a beautiful story, well told. And oh by the way – the […]

Time Suck of the Week

Ah yes, the immortal TSoW, in which the Big Ugly Man Doll philosophizes about many things, not least of which is which part of my personal insanity I should be sharing with you, Gentle Reader.  In the case of this week, the topic is death and philosophy – in fact, the causes of death of different philosophers through […]