A Choice of Saints

It seems sainthood is the question of the hour for me – so I’m running with it.  There we were, just a pair of innocents driving down the street, when we saw a license plate that said “StBndct.”  Sometimes you really have to try to parse a vanity plate.  In this case, one can tell […]

Of Meteors and Voting

Will you be able to look yourself in the eye knowing that you voted for a party that holds monochromatic monotheism in higher regard than modern medicine, a party that puts faith before fact, a party that will sideline science, social justice, and STEM schools because stem cell research might offend their narrow notion of God?

A Bashing We Shall Go?

You know who we can sit around and tell jokes about? Intolerant people. I met this guy once, he was so intolerant, he wouldn’t let his kid have a sherbert because all the store had left was rainbow.

Happy May Day – Have Some Birds

Happy May Day – Have Some Birds

Wedding Road Trip, Part 3: Of Bullets and Brides

The bride’s father came down the aisle gave her hand to the groom, and the pastor began to speak of the wonders of married life. He talked about marrying your best friend, about keeping your relationship new, and about two lives becoming one. He talked about uniting this couple in the light of Jesus. That’s when the shooting started.