Weekend Notes: Stormy, with a chance of trees

It’ll be interesting to see what shakes out of the Derecho storm. The 911 service in most of NoVa went dead – people were asked to bring emergencies (or reports of same) to police/fire stations. Cell coverage was spotty at best, AT&T lost a few towers – and the POTS (plain old telephone system) went down as well. In the absence of internet, cell, and dial tone, 911 not working seems redundant if no one can call anyway.

And a Happy Father’s Day

Driving home the other day, we passed a sign reminding us all to call your dad for Father’s Day. The Reigning Queen of Pink was *very* cheerful about this idea. “Yay! I’ll call Daddy for Father’s Day! What kind of cell phone are you buying me?”

Of Fathers and Sons

I’m sure I’m doing OK as a dad, because I check in with the kids periodically. “Kid,” I ask them each, “are you having a good childhood?”

New Digs on Father’s Day

Parenthood is the ultimate pass/fail exam.

Happy Father’s Day!

 Without further ado, Happy Father’s Day to my father and to yours, Gentle Reader.  I myself am a father as well, and I had a great day.  Just thought you ought to know!  ;-)