And a Happy Birthday!

It’s June again, and that means birthdays at the BUMD house – there are more than 5 of them in June, possibly more by a factor of ten, but I can’t remember them all.  The one I do remember is that of Number One Son, who turns 12 today – I think he’s as surprised as the rest of us.  High functioning autism means never having to worry about what other people think – Number One Son happens to other people, not the other way around, and so I’m looking forward to this evening’s episode of Screw the Song.   On with the cake!

So Happy Birthday, Big Man – you made it another year!

2 Responses to “And a Happy Birthday!”

  1. Screw the song! You know, that applies to so many areas of life. Truly, words to live by.

  2. @Diane – Absolutely. Although he let us get through the song this time – I think he was still in awe over the cake. Pics to come, but he *asked* for a “bomb” cake… It was the bomb, all right!

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