Countdown to the Rapture, NGM Edition – Day 8

There are only 8 days left until the end of the world.  That’s 192 hours.  Only 11,520 minutes to the Rapture. 

That’s 11,520 minutes that we still have to live with a whole lotta stuff that we’re Not Gonna Miss when the world ends on Saturday, May 21, such as:

10.  Donald Trump’s Hair
9.  People who can’t drive in bad weather.
8.  Facebook status message memes.

Please re-post this as your status if you or someone you know has been affected by the End of Days. The Rapture has affected millions – and polls show 3 of 4 people make up nearly 75% of the population! I know only 3% will repost this and a damn sight fewer will be caught up in any Rapture. Please, support Rapture awareness by leaving this as your status for an hour, and include this handy link:

Come on, God.  Call the Rapture on May 21st, because I am so Not Gonna Miss those crazy Facebook status update memes.  Or at least post the above on Your divine Page – I could really use the ad revenue.  You know, in case the world doesn’t end.

One Response to “Countdown to the Rapture, NGM Edition – Day 8”

  1. I’m hoping to find a “rapturist” in the next week so I can ask them to sign over the deed to their house to me…

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