Countdown to the Rapture, NGM Edition – Day 10

There are only 10 days left ’til the end of the world, per the internet, which is the only news source worth quoting anymore and therefore it must be true.  I know, we’ve come close before , but we here at Big Ugly Central are reliably informed that this is the real deal.  We’re planning a huge May 21 End Of The World party to celebrate the Rapture, when there will be no more future, no more past, the judgment, the end of everything on earth, the end of Time.  Rain date is May 22.

So, with 10 days to go, I’m going to highlight a different thing each day that I’m NOT GONNA MISS when the freakin’ world ends.

Sure, there will be moaning and great gnashing of teeth (don’t worry if you don’t have any, I’m reliably informed that teeth will be provided for your gnashing pleasure).  Sure, there will be pain and suffering and right bad weather.  Sure, it’s the end of the world as we know it, and we feel fine.  But despite all that, despite all the good things that will end too soon come the Rapture, there’s a host of things that, let’s face it, you’re Not Gonna Miss.  Please feel free to comment with your own NGM comments as well – I’ll tally them all up and see what we’re all least likely to miss at the end!  For right now, I’m going to kick this off with:

Number 10:  Donald Trump’s Hair.

For the love of all that is holy, please God, call the Rapture early so we don’t have to see any more of that bird’s nest on the head of the Donald.  Really.  You called home the peacock on Herbert Haft’s head, you seem to have calmed the storm of Don King’s superglued coiffure, and I no longer wanna get me an Al Sharpton haircut.  If the Donald buys his way onto the Republican ticket, I worry that his legions of preppie minions will be marching in peaceful demonstration, arm in Armani-clad arm, singing “We Shall Overcomb” though the streets of New York.

So God, because I’m Not Gonna Miss the Donald’s Hair – call the Rapture on May 21.

2 Responses to “Countdown to the Rapture, NGM Edition – Day 10”

  1. Im not gonna miss idiots who misspell their own names (ie: Jenn instead of the correct Jen).
    Nor will I miss wall street driving gas prices (pun intended, of course).
    I will not miss having to wait for the next book in the series, either bc the author takes too damn long to write it or the library takes too damn long to get it to me.
    I also will not miss smartass teenagers, delayed sleep phase syndrome or being the only person in the house who cooks. or shops. or weeds. or any other of the myriad of chores that a housekeeper could do instead of me.
    I also will not miss not being able to afford a housekeeper.

  2. Herbert Haft… Wow, I miss those guys…

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