Dentists and Doctors

I’m going to open a new medical practice and dentist office; I’ll hire the talent later.  They’re always advertising about “we’ll take care of you,” “we put patients first,” or that they’ll give you that million dollar smile.  Fuck that.  No one cares about that – those aren’t differentiators in the market.  Any decent dentist can do that.  I’m going to CRUSH those people with my new business model.

“Thank you for calling On-Time Dentistry, how can I help you today?”

Build the business around the front office and you can kill people in the back room, won’t matter.  Just don’t waste my time.

At least they’re playing Katy Perry.

4 Responses to “Dentists and Doctors”

  1. Yours has been a brutish and hellish week with waiting and waiting on the medical profession yet they will charge you out the wazoo if you are late or by life’s curse of getting in the way have to cancel an appointment. I have started politely stating you have phones, it would be nice to call and say the Dr is running behind. Ahh Kate Perry just relaxes the mind;)

  2. Decent Dentist? Hum… That makes you wonder if there is such a thing….

  3. @Lauren – it would have been more brutish without you, and I couldn’t have gotten through it! Thanks for everything; you’re an angel!

  4. @Tony – too true, but we’ll open one and they’ll flock to us like mice to cheese!

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