A Brief Weekend Recap While the Cleaning Crew Vacuums My Office

Since  I can’t get anything done for a while anyway, it’s a good time to update you on the events of the weekend.  Not that they were overly exciting, but still, they happened, and as we know my devotion to absolute veracity and disclosure is notorious.  Besides, I really need to post more, since this is now an award-winning blog.  My unending thanks for this honor go to Diane Henders, whose devotion to veracity is nearly as notorious as my own.  Plus she’s cool.  I know I’m failing to follow the rules set forth in the nomination, but I may get to them in another post.  Right now, we have a weekend to recap, and the vacuuming professionals are halfway done.

Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts Made While Listening to a Pop Tart

Saturday the Reigning Queen of Pink helped me to make Pop Tarts.  Since the rolling of dough and the spreading of fillings requires some modicum of inspiration, we listened to Katy Perry – nothing like Katy Perry for making Pop Tarts.  We also made cookies and crepes, since she’d requested the latter the night before (and rules by divine right), and who doesn’t like some cookies?

The best line I heard on Saturday was “Hey, wake up, September ended!”   I’d’ve posted it myself if I’d thought of it.  The next best line of the weekend was from Number One Son, who said “Daddy, I saw a fox on the deck this morning.”  Chances are, he saw a fox on the deck that morning.  We do have them in the neighborhood, and he described it well enough.  Wish he’d gotten a picture of that – he said it was standing on the rail of the deck, which must have been a sight. 

The main plan for the weekend, barring foxes, was recovering the dining room chairs, which is a good time, and getting the new clock up on the wall in the bathroom.  So you can imagine my surprise when, Saturday morning (after coffee and pop tarts), SOBUMD told me that our bedroom’s Feng Shui was all wrong, and I needed to move all the bookcases and shelves, remove and reinstall the light, and move the bed.  Well, you can just imagine what I said to that!

If you imagined the words “Yes, dear,” you may now award yourself 5 Internet Points and a cookie.  It actually takes longer to describe the work than it did to accomplish, but I’m still getting used to waking up on the other side of the room.  It’s like a room in my house has been rearranged… 

Having moved the bedroom, I promptly enlisted serious help in recovering the chairs, since the first thing required was to remove all the legs – which are bolted on.  Once again, the RQoP stepped up to the challenge, sitting down with an upside-down chair and my ratchet set.  By the time I had finished my beer, she was done – it’s good to be the king.  From that point, there was nothing left to do but pull the old fabric off one of them, use it as a template for the new fabric, and start cutting.  Bending over the table with the shears for that long (there are five chairs) gave me a new regard for handling textiles – now I know why Nike and Gap pay those overseas factory workers so much money! 

I only finished one chair, but it looked so good that another beer was called for.  What with one thing and another, the weekend moved on to Mark Twain and what he would have thought of Dr. Who.  I suspect he would have liked the show.  In fact, I’m a little surprised the Dr. hasn’t shown up in Hannibal, MO, yet, come to think of it. 

Biker Bear

Does This Looks Like Pedo Bear to You?

But the weekend ended, as all weekends must, and Monday dawned early enough to bake the rest of the cookies to have with our coffee and pop tarts. 

As the Squirrel Nut Zippers drove me to work this morning, I saw a guy with a Teddy Bear helmet ride by on a motorcycle – cute little floppy ears standing up in the wind.  Nothing like a Monday morning to make you say, “Huh?”

Without further ado, happy October to one and all!  Oh, hey, the vacuuming is done!

5 Responses to “A Brief Weekend Recap While the Cleaning Crew Vacuums My Office”

  1. Thanks for the kind mention! The homemade Pop Tarts and beer sound wonderful; the bedroom rearrangement, not so much.

    Hope you don’t suffer the same fate as my husband. One night we were camping in our trailer, and I woke with a sense that something wasn’t quite right. I turned on the light to find Hubby standing helplessly, face in the corner, still mostly asleep. Apparently he’d gotten lost on the way to the bathroom. He would have been headed in the right direction if we’d been at home. Lucky he didn’t think he’d found it.

    P.S. The guns and adventure and stuff are in my books. :-)

  2. Well, turnabout’s fair play! Besides, I knew the guns and adventure were around there somewhere. ;-) Plus, the bedroom really does “flow” much better in the new configuration, so there’s no arguements there!

  3. Sounds like you accomplished a lot this weekend! Did the chairs get better with beer? lol! I have reupholstered and it is always a bigger job than I think.
    I am dreaming of those homemade pop tarts….

  4. Welcome Susie! The chairs are actually undergoing this dramatic transformation in advance of being sold, so if you’re in the market for some very nice and recently-reupholstered-by-a-nine-yr-old-and-a-six-pack chairs, by all means let me know.
    The pop tarts are much less of a pain in the ass than I would have thought, although the dough is never cold enough right away. The basic recipe is at http://www.browneyedbaker.com/2010/07/22/homemade-pop-tarts/ – There are a few mods, though. There’s no cinnamon in our house, to make sure nothing can be accidently spiked to kill SOBUMD, so my brown-sugar ones were with a short shake of allspice, a short shake of cardimum, two shakes of cloves, and a heavy dose of freshly ground nutmeg. Honestly, they rocked. ;-) The jelly ones were filled per the recipe, last week using Lingonberry jam and this week with raspberry preserves. Yummo!

  5. Congrats on:

    1) Getting a chair recovered
    2) Surviving September


    3) Your award! :-)

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