To be read in 2026

Dear Number One Son,

I know you’re 25 now, but I’m writing to your 10-yr-old self.  I want to thank you, now, for eating that stash of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs I’d hidden at the top of the freezer.  You probably know by now that they go on sale right after Easter, and that I can only resist for so long.  With your meds suppressing your appetite, I know that you needed the sugar way more than I did, and I’m glad you ate them.   Instead of me eating them. 


In case I forget to thank you later.

2 Responses to “To be read in 2026”

  1. oh wtf? either the world ends in 10 days or it doesn’t…pick one side of the fence and stay on it!

  2. Too Late I read it in 20116 lol

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