You’re as Cold as Ice

I’m worried that I accidentally sold my soul to the freezer. Come to think of it, I did cut myself putting it in – could it have considered that to be a blood pact between us? The food’s been getting colder and I’ve been feeling more and more tired in the past few months…

Between Ordinary and Mordinary, is Extraordinary

Our waking walking life, it sometimes seems, has but two paths: the ordinary, and the more ordinary. And, while betimes betwixt the morning’s light and noonday sun the mordinary seems the only choice, at sunrise, and again as sunset cedes its hours to the moon, our lives can be… Extraordinary!

a short history of this room

a short history of this room: things change, for obvious reasons

Just Called to Say Hello

Wrong number!

A Dream of Christmas

I understood why we had called him Father Christmas, the Pater figure bringing home presents to his children, to all of us. I never did find out what was in the green bag at my daughter’s feet. After all, it wasn’t for me. My present was her smile.