Hunting The White Whale

The General Manager of Thompson Automotive is the kind of used car dealer who most maddens and torments, the kind of used car dealer who uses truth with malice in it, the kind of used car dealer who makes all the used car dealer jokes funny.

The Giving Car

I want to go to the park, said the Boy.
Tell your Dad, and I’ll bet he’ll drive you to the park, said the Car.
And the Boy told his Dad, who loaded him in the Car with a nice picnic lunch, and drove them to the park.

Well, that was helpful.

We were deep in the jungles of Sulamalasy when I found the body.

Not all the days are filled with joy

Monday. It sucked.

Weekend Recap

This past weekend I took the three lunatic children to The House in the Woods. This is, of course, a mythic destination rooted firmly in fairly tales and folklore, and as such includes the requisite babbling creek, forbidding mountain, impenetrable forest, and small host of woodland creatures. There is wood that will not split itself, hikes that do not hike themselves, and fires that won’t et cetera. There is, of course, no television. It’s a place where a kid can be a kid, as long as said kid remembers the way most kids ended up in the majority of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.