Well, that was helpful.

Sometimes, people leave you hanging.  Sometimes, you are people. 

I spend a bit of time in the car, and since I’ve found that I can’t take notes legibly while driving, I record my thoughts on the Blackberry for later review.  This is possibly the single most useful feature of that device.   For the record, I can’t take notes legibly while I’m not driving either, but that’s not important right now. 

What’s important right now is that it occurred to me that I hadn’t actually reviewed my voice notes in a while, and so I listened to many of them on the way home today.   These tend to be notes for things I’m writing, have written and need to edit, or plan to write – either sometime soon, sometime when I get around to it, or Real Soon Now.  So, many of these notes tend to be fragmentary and end with the words “or something like that.” 

So while not altogether a surprise, it’s still annoying to hear my own voice come on and recite the following: 

“We were deep in the jungles of Sulamalasy when I found the body.”  I dunno, take it from there.

That was it.  And I said, out loud, to myself, “Thanks a lot, asshole.”   Sheesh.  That guy just expects me to do everything for him.  What a jerk.  I’m tempted to call him and tell him to write it himself.

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  1. Everyone is someone else’s idiot.

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