Who buys the first round?

Putting the kids to bed is always an exercise in continuing education.  Tonight was no exception. 

  • The Reigning Queen of Pink wanted to know why her cheap stuffed bear was leaking, and if said bear could be fixed with bubbles.  Yeah, dip the wand in, blow the bubbles at the bear’s paw.  Um, probably not the best option.
  • The Human Tape Recorder wanted to know what Fascism was, in detail, and how it differed from Republican political theory.  Because, you know, I’ve got THAT off the top of my head all the time. 
  • Number One Son told me as I turned off his lights that it was just stupid that we not only had to pay for, but had to pay taxes on, our electricity and gas usage to cool and heat the house.  He was quite riled up about it.  He’d been watching YouTube videos of other people playing The Legend of Zelda, and I really hadn’t realized they were world-building at QUITE THAT LEVEL of detail in these games. 

I walked back upstairs thinking about all this.  “Great,” I said to SOBUMD, “so a Fascist, a Socialist, and a Blonde walk into a bar…”


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