New Coffee Machine

18 February, 2012 | | 6 Comments

SOBUMD got a new coffee maker the other day… 



Yep.  It’s a Koirig.

  1. Rod says:

    Love this machine! Great coffee maker…
    Question – Does the fish “by products” add any extra flavoring to the coffee?

  2. Tony says:

    Fish Mocha… Is that the new flavor of the month…

  3. Big Ugly Man Doll says:

    We only feed him leftover coffee grounds and we don’t notice any “off” flavors. The booklet says you need to catch them quickly if they go belly up, though…

  4. Diane Henders says:

    KOIRIG!?! Aaaagh!

    Okay, I’m back. I just accorded you the highest honour possible for a pun: fleeing from the room, screaming. And laughing. :-)

  5. Big Ugly Man Doll says:

    @ Diane – I confess, mad props for that go to SOBUMD. I said “Koi Kuerrig!” and she said “Koirig” and I smacked my forehead with the heel of my hand and wished I’d said it first. This is why I love her.

  6. VIGILANTE says:

    Water changes should be a piece of cake with this set-up… Just brew and fill! lol

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