Some things change, some things don’t

“Well, I suppose I couldn’t very well have expected the ‘I did the same thing when I was your age’ speech.”

Wake Up, America – It’s Time For Some Awesome!

I’m going to be asking for your support as I become Good Morning America’s next Advice Guru. America needs an infusion of awesome pretty badly and, like the man said, I’m just the Big Ugly Man Doll to give it to them. Together, we’ll take the Friday ManFAQ national. I’ll keep you posted as I move through the application process. Come on, America, let’s wake up to the Big Ugly Man Doll!

Cooking With the BUMD, Day 3: Shelling Out for Dinner

Have you ever wondered about what’s involved just getting ingredients to your kitchen? I mean, never mind the gags about “who was the first person to eat that.” Just think about the first person to think about putting all these things together – this was someone who contributed to the gene pool. We can be sure of this, because their kids are now programming video games.

Cooking with the BUMD, Day Two.

Is it me, or does everything just sound better in French? “Bonjour, je suis le Grand Déplaisant Homme Poupée!”

Cooking with the BUMD, Day One.

Looked up the recipe for Boeuf Bourguignon. Julia can bite me.