ManFAQ Friday: That’s a Wrap

It’s Friday, and that means answer time! For those of you who have commented with questions from previous ManFAQs, thank you. I’m adding yours to the list of questions women have asked about men over the years, and I will answer them all in turn – to continue to demystify the more malodorous gender for those of the gentler. Actual questions, posed by real women, and answered by a REAL man. What could go wrong?

Question:   Why do I always seem to be the one wrapping the presents at the holidays, often the night before?  Why can’t he help?

Answer:   Let’s start with giving the guy a pair of scissors.  We’ve reached the holidays, and he started drinking around noon, didn’t he?  Scissors are probably not a good idea right now.

Even if he’s sober, do you remember the last gift he “wrapped” for you?  You thought it was from the kids at first, didn’t you?  Anything that requires more folding than “insert tab A in slot B” is a bit beyond most guys.  A cube, maybe.  If you want that oddly-shaped, squishy-on-one-side plush toy boxed in a parallelogram wrapped like it was done by Santa’s elf, let’s face it, the guy who’s still iffy on getting his tie tied straight probably can’t help you there.

Of course, he might not be able to help wrap because he’s downstairs screwing together the bicycle…  But he’s probably asleep.

Now you know.  Please, feel free to comment with any questions you’d like answered!

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