ManFAQ Friday: Only 360 Shopping Days ‘Til Christmas!

It’s Friday, and that means answer time! For those of you who have commented with questions from previous ManFAQs, thank you. I’m adding yours to the list of questions women have asked about men over the years, and I will answer them all in turn – to continue to demystify the more malodorous gender for those of the gentler. Actual questions, posed by real women, and answered by a REAL man. What could go wrong?

Question:   Why do men hate shopping?

Answer:   It’s not that we hate shopping.  We just hate going to multiple stores and trying on multiple things and bargain hunting – we want to get in, acquire the target, and get out.  It goes back to our roots as hunters – find it, kill it, drag it home and, usually, wait for you to cook it.  Ug no gather.  Ug hunt.  There’s no blood-lust in trying on six dresses, and we probably can’t tell the difference anyway. 

Also, it may depend on where you’re shopping.  Most guys don’t mind so much if you’re dragging them to Nordstrom’s – the people running that store understand how this works, and they’ve set up “guy stations” in several places through the store.  It’s like dropping off your kids at the play area in Ikea, except you don’t have to check us in and out.  Big comfy chairs, sofas, and the like where we can sit and watch all the people – most of whom look like you, which is nice – or fall asleep, which is actually more likely. 

Now you know.  Please, feel free to comment with any questions you’d like answered!

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