ManFAQ Friday: Stroke of Genius

It’s Friday, and that means answer time! For those of you who have commented with questions from previous ManFAQs, thank you. I’m adding yours to the list of questions women have asked about men over the years, and I will answer them all in turn – to continue to demystify the more malodorous gender for those of the gentler.  Actual questions, posed by real women, and answered by a REAL man. What could go wrong?

   Why do some guys insist on using the word “stroke” in places I wouldn’t expect?

Answer:    I really want to ask you about places where you don’t expect to be stroked, but you might figure out where I live, get through my security systems, and disarm my attack cats.  So instead I’ll tell you this:  Guys like the word stroke because it sounds nice and masculine, all those Ks and Rs and Ss, like Strong.  “What did he die of?” “He had a stroke.”  It sounds more manly than some wussie heart attack, anyone can die of those. 

And then there’s the verb, which is (A) fun to say, (B) fun to do, and (C) more likely what you’re talking about.  We don’t like having strokes nearly as much as we like stroking – and being stroked.  Why do you think there are more teen pregancies on crew teams than cheerleading squads?  “Stroke!”  “Why, yes please!”   “Stroke!”  “Oh, cockswain?”  Once we’ve gotten you thinking about stroking something – of yours, or of ours, and really, any part of our anatomy is pretty much fair game, we’re not picky about where you start stroking – we’re pretty much on the zipline to the Hey Hey.  And as we know, it’s all about the Hey Hey.  

Of course we have to be careful – if that actually worked, more of us would probably be having strokes! 


Now you know. Please, feel free to comment with any questions you’d like answered!

2 Responses to “ManFAQ Friday: Stroke of Genius”

  1. Damn, that song by Billy Squier wont spot going through my head. I need to stop reading your posts…

  2. head buried in hands, laughing hysterically, rocking back and forth…

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