How It All Began

15 August, 2010 | | 2 Comments

Four score and Eighteen years ago this morning, in a church that’s reputed to be still standing, the Spouse Of the Big Ugly Man Doll and I stood up in front of a vast gathering of family, friends, gentle readers, and complete strangers and swapped vows, rings, and spit.  I believe it speaks volumes about the longevity of relationships and the strength of the Internet as a social tool that if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you were there.  

Swapping Vows, Rings, and Spit

Swapping Vows, Rings, and Spit

The marriage almost didn’t last.  We went from the church (Our Lady of the Mountains of Madness) to the reception hall in a 1935 Packard, driven by a guy in his mid-80s.  With thick glasses.  In the rain.  With no windshield wipers.  On twisty winding mountain roads.  It was very romantic, and it remains one of the most terrifying rides I’ve ever been on – Disney’s got nothing on this. 

1935 Packard.  Oh, and a bride.

1935 Packard. Oh, and a bride.

The reception was classic, including the DJ introducing each song.  “And now, a special request from the Groom to the Bride:  ‘All of My Love’ by Mister Led Zeppelin.”  My uncle’s comment summed up the reaction: “Hey, next why don’t you have him play something by Mrs. Metallica?”

There are a few differences now, 18 years later.  The most obvious is the one that the Reigning Queen of Pink points out every time she sees our wedding pictures.  “THAT’S Mommy and Daddy?  You were thin!  What the heck happened?”

1935 Packard.  We were thinner then!

1935 Packard. We were thinner then!

Well, you and your siblings happened, for starters.  Also, I learned to cook.  It’s a little known fact that when we got married, I couldn’t cook anything but pasta with jar sauce and didn’t eat spicy food.  Eighteen years with SOBUMD has put hair on my chest, albeit gray ones, and butter on my plate.  And on my hips.  Because love means never having to say, “I don’t know how to cook that.”   

Much love to my beloved SOBUMD – this blog wouldn’t exist without her!

  1. Sara Schley says:

    ok it wasn’t the thinness that struck me – it was the HOLY CRAP you look like you were children!!!! Like 18 maybe.

    congrats though :)

  2. admin says:

    LOL, we were over 18 and legally allowed to buy booze in most states. ;-)

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