A Happy Teenaged Birthday

It’s June again, and that means birthdays at the BUMD house – there are more than 5 of them!  As usual, around the start of summer, Number One Son has one of them – and today, he is a teenager.  Today, he is 13.  Honestly, I think he’s as surprised as the rest of us.  Following the infamous episode of Screw the Song, we’ve learned to just press on and go straight for the cake – or in this case, cupcakes! 

So Happy Birthday, Big Man – you made it another year!

4 Responses to “A Happy Teenaged Birthday”

  1. “Screw the song” still makes me laugh! Many happy returns of the day to NOS. (Hey, did you intentionally name him after Nitrous Oxide Systems?)

  2. 4 out 5 of my children agree with him on the song. It literally makes them scream and cry. So…of course, I do it every year. If I’m gonna have to pay for therapy, I’m getting my money’s worth, damn it.

    Happy birthday Number One. (good call on the cupcakes)

  3. happy birthday to NOS! I always liked Paul McCartney’s version better than the traditional one, anyway. And don’t stand between a birthday man and his cupcakes. Hope it was a great one.

  4. LOL, Thank you all, on his behalf. @Diane, we didn’t actually name him for Nitrous Oxide Systems. In fact, his full name is Connor Edward, and when we first mentioned this to SOBUMD’s aunt in Queens, the first thing out of her mouth was “Oh – ConEd, hee hee hee!” D’oh!
    @QueenOfEverything: You’re on the right track; maximize that return on investment!
    @Michelle: I think he’d like it better if we sounded more like Paul; I’m not sure it’s the song itself that’s the problem…

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