An Unruly Teenager

1 January, 2013 | | 3 Comments

Goodbye to 2012 – we hardly knew you.  I remember 2012 like it was yesterday, except for the bits that happened near the beginning of the year, and all the bits I didn’t write down.  OK, in fact, most of the past year was a blur, moving past us like Usain Bolt outrunning a Toyota Prius.  Now 2013 is upon us, racing with us toward cliffs both fiscal and mental.  It will take all our intellectual resources to keep our balance. 

After all, the 21st Century is now a teenager.  I expect 2013 will eat everything in the house, sleep most of the time, wear its shorts too low and its ball cap on backward, and generally flip three fingers at the world.   2013’s txting bill alone will cripple most first world economies – I hope someone signed it up for an unlimited plan. 

And so, I wish you, Dear Reader, a good, healthy, and prosperous new year in this brave new teenaged wasteland of a Century.  Here at the Big Ugly Man Doll, I’m planning to take a more active role in managing the year – I’ll be giving it ratings and marks on a monthly basis, and we’ll see if we can’t dress it up and take it out by the time December rolls around.  In the meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!   


  1. Rima says:

    Big ugly man doll, you make a point– and now we are in for at least six years of bad behavior. Let’s just tolerate it until college- do we have a choice ?

  2. UncleMars says:

    You forgot “buckle up” in your last sentence…

  3. Diane Henders says:

    Lucky 2013 has a responsible parent like you. I was planning to just keep buying it beer until it either grew up or passed out.

    Happy New Year!

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