A new year, a new milestone

5 January, 2012 | | 4 Comments

As I turned out lights tonight, Number One Son rolled over and mentioned, quite casually, that he’d squashed a bug that was crawling on his bed and put the tissue he’d used to do so in the trash.  You know, like he did that all the time, instead of hyperventilating and running up the stairs to find me.  Huzzah for killing your own bugs!

The funniest part was that he mentioned “it kind of stinks a little where I squished it.”  I examined the carcase of said bug, still in his trash can, and explained why they call them “Stink Bugs.”  I think he thought it was even cooler at that point – hey, stinky!

I now go to bed secure in the knowledge that if any more bugs wander by, he’s on the job.

  1. JEN says:

    Having my own kid with a pathological fear of bugs I get how huge this milestone is. So please tell him a strange chick on the interwebs said “fuck yeah, little dude! Way to grow bro!”

    Note to self: stop talking to my teens completely, I’m starting to sound like them.

  2. Big Ugly Man Doll says:

    Strange chick on the interwebs? Hon, he’s *met* you. ;-) And thanks! Hoping we get to see ya’ll again this year!

  3. Whitney Soup says:

    you must be a very proud parent right now :)

  4. Big Ugly Man Doll says:

    Whitney, believe me – this sounds like a small thing. It’s huge. He won’t go outside in the summertime because of the bugs. Crushing one himself? Momentous! I would like to inflate this to believe that he crushed one of his one personal demons, but I think it was probably just a bug. Still, baby steps.

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