Advent of Holiday Horror: Song 24

Yesterday we commented a bit about Vodka, and how it’s possible to drink both too much and not nearly enough of it.  Today, before we get to the next holiday song that makes me crazy, I would like to include a note about Limoncello.  Really, really good, homemade Limoncello that takes 5 or more months to create. 

It’s a velvet hammer.  The first one won’t hit you until you’ve finished the second one.  Don’t have a third; they’ll just keep hitting you all evening long. 

But this isn’t about that.  This is an advent countdown of Christmas and other miscellaneous holiday songs that really make me throw up in my mouth a little, that nasty scratchy taste in your throat when you hear them – you know the kind I mean.  Those. 

Number 24, just because I can’t wait to complain about it, is the Chipmunk Song.  “Alvin!”  They squeek in a range that causes physical pain.  “Please Christmas don’t be late.”  Late would be a wonderful way to describe how I’d like to hear it, as in “the late Big Ugly Man Doll couldn’t hear the song, on account of being deceased.”   Someone get that rodent a Hula hoop and get this dreck off my radio. 

In case you’re just a glutton for aural punishment, here it is:

I’m going back for another Limoncello before you play it, though.


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  1. Where is your recipe for limoncello? Hook me up!

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