A Thankful Countdown: Day 1

I’ve decided to count down to Thinksgiving, and take a moment each day to think about things I’m thankful for.  Here we are at T-minus One and counting!

Number One:  Turkey!

Dear Great Pumpkin, thank you for allowing all the birds that we’re all gonna eat tomorrow to live long enough to get really juicy.  They did not die in vain.  Amen.

Roasted, stuffed, ladled with gravy, basted with bourbon and butter, and carved up on a platter, if there’s much better out there on the menu tomorrow, I don’t know about it.  Fried, sliced, diced, hashed, or next to the cranberries, I’m thankful for all them there birds what who’ve given their all for the sake of my next four or five meals. 

Tomorrow is Thinksgiving – are you thinking about what you’re thankful for?  Let us know!

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