The volume makes the TV turn off!

5 November, 2011 | | No Comment

So there I was, trying to type quietly so as not to wake the sleepers in the house, when Number One Son (never in the sleeping camp) came into my office this morning. 

NOS:  Someone must be controlling the Roku remotely, because I was watching a video and it just went back to the menu!
BUMD:  Big Man, we’re the only ones awake in the house, and I don’t think the cats are changing your channel.  It probably just caught a weird signal from the video and stopped or something.
NOS:  I think someone did it.
BUMD:  They’re all asleep, and I have the iPad right here.  I think even the cats are asleep.  Come on, let’s go downstairs and look.

We went downstairs, and he stuck his head in the doorway of the Reigning Queen of Pink.  He looked at me and said, “Well, she’s awake!”  Yeah, I said, but she’s lying in bed quietly.  I got him back settled in front of his show.  As I came upstairs I noticed the Human Tape Recorder, recently 13, had her door cracked open.  I glanced in and saw that she was also lying in bed quietly…  Playing with her iPod. 

“Hey, you can’t control the downstairs TV with that thing, can you?”

“If I can hear it from here, it’s a problem,” she said.

Oh, snap.

I told her to knock it off, and went back downstairs and told Number One Son that I thought the signal fault might be related to the volume, and to keep it down so it didn’t happen again.  Peace and order, restored.  Or possibly rebooted.

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