Time Suck of the Week

Ah, once again and late as usual, although I’d love to make an excuse about how busy I was on Sunday.   I was in, ah, church, yeah, that’s it, I was at a church where there was no Internet connection, and…  

Not buying it?  Me either.  Who the hell would go to a church with no internet connection?  

Anyway, the TSoW is brought to us by the talented Wendy McClure, who has done the world the favor of resurrecting, if not the dead, then the “should have been dead a long time now but it’s just too funny to bury.”  You know, like watching your mother trying to get into a Lyrca gym suit – you wish you could repress the memory, but you keep replaying it in your head because it was just too damn funny.  Anyway, put down your food and drink and check out http://www.candyboots.com/wwcards.html.  If you remember any of these, you’re probably as old as I am.  If you’ve ever cooked any of these, you’re probably dead by now.  

Man, I should pray after reading those.  Where’s my T1 connection to the Shamayim subnet?

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