Darwin Nominees come from all over

CNN reports (http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/europe/07/04/slovenia.canoe.ap/index.html) that 8 people have secured Darwin Award nominations by trying to canoe over a dam that was operational but still partially under construction over the river Sava, in Slovenia. 

A government official there denied speculation that the dam could have been better secured, saying that those in the canoes had clear security instructions. “Some of them did not respect (the rules) and decided to take a dangerous descent,” he said, calling the accident the “consequence of a wrong human decision.”

You say wrong human decision, the Big Ugly Man Doll says “Darwin Award.”   Still, getting sucked into the underwater tunnel leading to the generator turbines has to, well, suck.  Note to self:  If anyone suggests calling your next outing “The Final Descent” – think twice.  Or at least once. 

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