The Naming of Rabbits is a Curious Thing

This morning, SOBUMD and I took the Reigning Queen of Pink to her latest endoscopy; getting to be old hat for her. Today, just to mix things up a bit, she brought her stuffed rabbit.

Down The Rabbit Scope!

Down The Rabbit Scope!

The admitting nurse was brilliant, including giving the rabbit a wrist band – raising the question of the name (Sarah, for those keeping track).  The nurse mentioned that she had a rabbit at home, a very large one. I of course had to ask if it was named Harvey.

“Actually, we call him Stew.”

As if we needed any more reason to love her than that, she cheerfully tagged the bunny as well, complete with an allergy alert bracelet around the ears.  As a Build-a-Bear rabbit, I figured the rabbit was probably still pretty allergic to the tough loving stuffing process, already well documented here.  Then it struck us:

This being the RQoP’s rabbit, we decided she was probably allergic to carrots.

Anyway, I’ll save the pictures from the endoscope for the Holiday Letter (nothing says Merry Freaking X-Mas like a blow-up picture of someone else’s insides!), but the preliminary results looked good.  Another endoscopy, another set of slides, another day.  All is well.


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