You know what’s wrong with DC?

11 October, 2007 | | No Comment

You know what’s wrong with this city? I’ll tell you. I was walking down the street the other day, and there was a guy panhandling, playing music, busking for money from passers-by.

Now ordinarily, I don’t mind that. You’re outside, you’re introducing the magic of music into my day, forged from your own breath, your own soul. A good or even halfway decent street performer will usually get my buck. But this guy wasn’t doing that. This guy had plugged in a boombox to an outlet on the side of a public building, and was playing the radio out of the boombox. He was just sitting there, looking angry, holding out his Big Gulp cup, empty but for the few couins that he rattled.

So let’s review: He’s not working, he’s not creating, he’s not paying for the electricity he’s using to play the radio, he’s playing a radio station – not even playing music that he’s purchased or even selected to play, and he probably stole the damn boombox. OK, that’s uncharitable, but still – here’s this homeless guy with his cup, and he’s too lazy to beg. What have we come to?

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