And a Very Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s time today that we take a moment to reflect on all the wonders of motherhood and thank, as we ought, our own mothers and those who have played that role for us all.  I’ve had a few; Number One Son has a hundred and more, everyone has at least one.   There is a nurturing spirit that seems unique to women, and it is right and proper that we honor that spirit at least once a year, if not every day.  And by honor I mean bring chocolate.

So Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, the Very Clever Grandma; to the mother of my lunatic kids, SOBUMD; to her mother, their Oma; to my grandmother, the Queen Mother of Pink; and to all my friends and readers who are nurturing spirits to their children – be they two-legged, four-legged, or any other combinations!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the rest of you mothers as well!

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