I dont know nothin bout birthin no Barbies!

26 February, 2011 | | 3 Comments

Things are never dull when you live with royalty.  As I was eating my oatmeal and eggs this morning with the Human Tape Recorder and SOBUMD, the Reigning Queen of Pink ran into the room.  (She and Number One Son had gotten their own breakfasts before the rest of us were out of bed, bless them.  The beatings are working.)  Please bear in mind that the RQoP at 8 years old could pass for a large 5-yr-old; she’s short, skinny, and 50 pounds soaking wet.

RQoP:  I feel like I’m going to give birth.
SOBUMD:  [poleaxed] 
BUMD:  [gobsmacked]
HTR:  [headdesk]
SOBUMD:  What?
HTR:  You’re not even showing!
BUMD:  Um, cite your source?
RQoP:   That means my tummy hurts!
SOBUMD:  Yeah, no it doesn’t.  Go potty.

She ran off, leaving us wondering just how many medical shows she’s been watching, and if perhaps that answer was “one too many.”  On the other hand, she was back 15 minutes later carrying a pink little Barbie swaddled in little pink blankets.   Who knows?  The HTR had the last word:  “Great, now we’re up to a hundred and one little plastic mouths to feed!”

  1. HonorH says:

    Hee! You have the most interesting kids.

  2. Sara says:

    Freaking hilarious.

  3. Michelle says:

    love it! rotflmao

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