Time Suck of the Week

21 September, 2008 | | No Comment

Once again it is time for the TSoW.  This week’s Time Suck is for all of us readers, in case you’re wondering what to read next – you know, once you’re done with the never-ending exploits of the Big Ugly Man Doll. 

The wonderful people at http://www.literature-map.com/ have gifted us with a handy, if erratic, piece of code that will suggest to you other authors you might like based on a proximity map – the closer two writers are, the more likely someone will like both of them.  It’s handy despite having an obviously "odd" algorithm, both from the perspective of "well, someone liked it" and from the perspective of "look at all the pretty colors" – just watching the names in the map float around is really kind of mesmerizing.

Useful?  Perhaps not.  A time suck?  Oh yeah.

Look at all the pretty colors!

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