Time for My Mid-Life Crisis!

I’m ready for my mid-life crisis, and I’m entertaining ideas! What’s a good crisis to have?

And Once Again, as I’ve said many times before….

Happy Birthday to the Human Tape Recorder!  She is 15 today, and sometime in the next 12 months will start, god help me, a car.  And, like, drive it.  I don’t know how we got here, but here we are! Here’s hoping the next 15 years will be filled with even more wonder and adventure than […]

It’s not every day your young lass turns 11…

But today is one of those days!   Break out the party hats, the Reigning Queen of Pink has turned eleven!  She was actually brevetted to 13 the other day, to get her an account she probably shouldn’t have on FanFiction.net – she’s found the wonder that is FanFic, and hasn’t looked back.  I didn’t realize […]

A Happy Teenaged Birthday

It’s June again, and that means birthdays at the BUMD house – there are more than 5 of them!  As usual, around the start of summer, Number One Son has one of them – and today, he is a teenager.  Today, he is 13.  Honestly, I think he’s as surprised as the rest of us.  Following the […]

Chicago and Back

Like the Dalai Lama, I always want them to make me one with everything, and they did. Oh, yes they did. The fries go on your dog, in your bun, all over the place. The onions, the relish, the peppers – and just a damn good hot dog. Plus the fries were outstanding. Also, don’t install windshield wipers in the dark.