Bragging About My Dad

Because it’s unseemly to brag too often about my massive ego, which other than this shiny blog is the only thing about me, personnally, worth noting, so I tend to talk about the kids and whatnot.
So, the other day I had a great conversation about my father, talking to a friend at work about getting older. 
Friend:   My Dad ran the Army 10-Miler last weekend.
BUMD:   Hey, so did mine!
Friend:  How old is he?
BUMD:  Just turned 67! 
Friend:  Mine’s 75. 
BUMD:  That’s amazing!
Friend:  Yeah, well.  Did your dad *know* he was running the Army 10-Miler?
BUMD:  Yessss…
Friend:  Yeah, well.  Mine didn’t.  Ran pretty well, though, seemed to enjoy it.  Had to have someone running with him to keep him on course…
But seriously, running 10 miles?  I asked my father if he’d won, after the race.  The answer was both yes and no – he didn’t cross the finish line first, but he met his personal goal, which he listed as “crossing the finish line at all.” 
This, now, I can relate to.  We all have goals.  Mine are more along the lines of “still being on this side of the dirt” when I’m 67 years old – actually running over that dirt would be gravy. 
Mmm, gravy.  Now I’m hungry.  But anyway, congrats to my dad and all the rest of the folks I know who ran last weekend!

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