1 January 2019 – Long Letter Follows

1 January, 2019 | | 2 Comments

Still aint’n dead.  Missed most of the last year – slept right through it.  Will work on updating this more often – a genuine, shiny new year’s resolution.  Hey, I’ve got to have something to fail at, right?

Be well, stay safe, think positive thoughts about the end of the current administration.  The watchword for 2019 is HOPE.

Oh, and be nice to each other while I’m away.  Your fellow humans are going through a lot right now.

Bide.  And hope.

  1. docstrange says:

    Everyone needs a stretch goal!

    2018 can go suck it in the rear-view mirror. Our NYE toast was, “F— 2018!” with appropriate letter substitutions indicative of our displeasure with said year.

  2. Big Ugly Man Doll says:

    Doc, my friend, I concur completely.

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