I had lunch with the President – how was YOUR first day at work?

Long story short, I got a new job.  Actually, I got the old job, but with a new company.  Anyway, long story, but I have a new crew that I’m working with, and on my first day back, three out of four of us decided to go out for lunch – the fourth guy was already eating his sammich by the time we got decided, so he stayed.  After all, we were just going to lunch – no big deal.

I drove up to the 8th St restaurant row, planning to hit Ted’s Bulletin, which is a decent place for lunch, if a little loud.  By the time I found us parking, it was later than I’d planned, and also freezing.  One of my co-workers offered to pay for parking with his parking app, which he did, before remembering that he needed to tie the app to my car, which he then tried to do, eventually succeeding, but not until we were even colder than we’d been when we got out of the car. 

Having based my parking decision on expedience rather than proximity, we found ourselves walking briskly toward the restaurant when the other of my coworkers made a sharp left into an Irish place called Molly Malone’s.  He told us he’d based this less on any particular reviews of the place and more on “getting out of the cold.”  We agreed that made sense, and followed him in.  He had a steak sandwich, my other co-worker had a soup and salad, and I enjoyed a shepherd’s pie, which was delightful.

As we were eating, a small group came in behind us and went upstairs for lunch; as they were going upstairs, one of them waved to all of us and said, “How’s everybody doing today?” 

It was the President of the United States. 
And the Vice President of the United States. 

By the time we had finished our lunches, the Secret Service had set up a rope line blocking the door.  Since we couldn’t leave even if we’d wanted to, we stood by the rope line for a bit.  Then we met and shook hands with Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  For the record, the President has enormous hands – I can palm a basketball, but I need to make an effort.  For him, it must feel like a softball would for me.  Joe Biden, on the other hand, has a more firm grip.  Make of that what you will.  They were both funny and gracious, and looked just like their pictures. 

We still can’t quite believe it.  So, how was YOUR first day at work?

3 Responses to “I had lunch with the President – how was YOUR first day at work?”

  1. My first day, lots of people cried and I got peed on. Also, I had pepperidge farm goldfish not shepherds pie.

  2. How cool is that?!? Must be an auspicious omen.

    I’ve been self-employed for so long I can’t even remember a “first day at work”. My most recent “first day” would have been back in 1988, and I’m quite sure I didn’t meet any dignitaries. Then again, it’s pretty hard to meet dignitaries when you’re perched on a wooden stool in a windowless 8×10 room packed floor-to-ceiling with carpet and upholstery samples… *shudders*

  3. All I can think about is poor sandwich at his desk guy. His life sucks.

    Auspicious start to your new old job. Congratulations!!!

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