shit piss cunt fuck cocksucker motherfucker tits

George Carlin, who told us just exactly which seven words you couldn’t say on television and introduced the world to the eminently useful term “Mongolian Clusterfuck”, is up in heaven now, with Asimov and Vonnegut.  I’ll bet he’s pissed about it.

My all time favorite Carlin moment is watching him walk out onto center stage at Carnegie Hall.  He’s just been announced (“Ladies and Gentlemen, George Carlin!”) to a *packed* hall, the crowd goes nuts, and he walks out like no one’s there.  He walks straight up to the mic, waits about 3 seconds for quiet.  This is when every other comedian in the world will say hello or even yell it, Hello New York, anything.  Even Steve Martin had *some* intro.


But this was Carlin.


By way of introduction, he walks up to the mic and says, “Did you ever notice that all the women who are against abortion are women you wouldn’t want to fuck anyway?”

George, RIP.

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