Morning lulz

So there we were, sitting on the back deck enjoying my coffee and watching the birds – just me and Albus the Gay. Flitwick isn’t allowed outside – he’ll jump over the rail and run. Albus is a little too large to get over the rail, and not inclined to run.

Soon we were joined by Number One Son, who while noisy was at least calm. We sat out for a little longer, then NOS decided to see who else was awake – by which he usually means, wake them up, which I admonished him not to do.

He returned in a few minutes and explained his findings. “I think Mommy has short-term amnesia.”

“What? Why’s that?”

“Well, I told her that you were sitting on the deck drinking your coffee, and then I told her that Albus was with you, and then she told me to go find you. She’d already forgotten that I told her where you were! It must be low-grade amnesia.”

Yep. Must be.

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