“Just Imagine the Fan Fiction Now”

21 October, 2007 | | No Comment

Earlier this weekend, Harry Potter fans world round had yet another bombshell to digest – JK Rowling casually mentioned that Fawkes the Phoenix wasn’t the only one flaming in the Headmaster’s office – Albus Dumbledore was gay.

To this I have to say, well, duh. I’m sorry, but the older, unattached, distinguished English gentleman thing was a good hint. The flaming pet, the purple velvet robes, and I’m not even going to start on a deconstruction of the words “Head Master” – let’s face it, there’s a reason Hollywood initially tapped Ian McKellen for the role.

Did I just say “tapped Ian McKellen”? That may have been over the top. Sorry.

But let’s look at the current actor playing Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore – Michael Gambon. His last major role was in The Good Shepard, where he played Dr. Fredericks, an older, unattached, distinguished English gentleman. And professor. And gay man.

I think we’re seeing a pattern here. The best part, as far as I’m concerned, is that we’ve named one of the family cats Albus. (Yes, the other one is Flitwick.) Great – I have a gay cat! I can’t imagine anything cooler.

The best part of this bombshell will be the inevitable reaction of the Christian Right, now that they know that Harry Potter doesn’t just have magic – it has GAY magic!!!

I’ve been a fan for years, but JK Rowling is my new hero.

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