Stupid things need names, too!

11 August, 2006 | | No Comment

I need a good name.

So, what do we call these stupid little big houses going up all over the place? We have the “McMansion” moniker, for those monsters in the upper-middle of the housing market. Now we’re seeing an influx of insipid McMansion wannabes, where the buyer takes a nice little bungalow, knocks it down, and builds a three-fourths acre house on a quarter-acre lot. Increasingly, we’re also surrounded with new not-condos being developed by companies with core condo competencies – like some developer found three acres of grass in a row and told a builder, “Hey, I’ll have an 8-piece Mansion McNuggets, for here, hold the fries.”

Sad, really.

Because I like fries.

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