Road Trip Planning with the RQoP

8 January, 2011 | | No Comment

This summer will see at least one more BUMD road trip – yet another cousin is getting married in Chicago.  Since we all know prior planning prevents etc etc, we’ve started mapping routes, at least in our heads.  The Reigning Queen of Pink walked in on our review of the map, and asked what we were doing.

BUMD:  We’re planning a trip this summer – we’re going to drive from here to there.  The question is, how should we come home?
RQoP:  In an airplane?
BUMD:  No, no, we’re driving.  We could just retrace our path back home, or we could got from here to here to here to here (pointing at DC to Columbus to Chicago to Springfield to St. Loius to Nashville to Oak Ridge to Raleigh to DC in rapid succession).
RQoP:  Yay!  Can we stop to pee and buy things?
BUMD:  You bet.

So remember, no matter how long the drive, it’s OK as long as you can stop to pee and buy things.  That may sum up a hefty portion of the US economy, come to think of it.

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